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The Barn

What a perfect complement to your log home - a gambrel-roofed log barn. House your horses in style in the stalls on either side of the main alley. (Gates not included). There's plenty of space for a tack room or office in the bottom floor. The loft overhead is spacious enough to store a winter's worth of hay or host a barn dance. Sheds on either side offer a shady spot for those hot afternoons. (We recommend a concrete slab for the alley and storage areas.) Prices quoted are for manufacturer's seconds logs. These do not meet our quality standard for home construction, but are suitable for barns, carports, playhouses, and other outbuildings. Ask your sales representative for more details.

Note: price as bid for constructed shell includes slab alley walkway, plus poured slab tack room and office floor. All stalls and area beneath side sheds is bare ground.

Finishing Materials

See our companion website!
Sawmill Specialties
for Satterwhite's incredible
range of rustic finishing options...
Log or conventional construction!

Utility Building
0 Bedrooms / 0 Baths
1,872 sq. ft.

Note: Utility buildings bid with factory second logs.
See Floor Plan

1st Floor
1,152 sq. ft.

Loft Space
720 sq. ft.

Total Indoor Space
1,872 sq. ft.

576 sq. ft.

Total Area
2,448 sq. ft.

Dry-in Time (Expert Crew)
11 Days

Pricing Note:
Constructed Shell price includes the full Materials Package, plus costs of construction labor and, depending on location, foundation. Materials Package consists of building materials only. Never add Constructed Shell and Materials Package prices. For details of what is included, see link for Satterwhite Building System Details below.

Constructed Shell
$65,620 - $73,020

Materials Package
$36,975 - $52,544

Freight  3 Truckloads

Satterwhite Building System
Satterwhite Building System Details

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The Barn
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