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Satterwhite Utah Office
Satterwhite Log Homes - Gunnison, Utah

Satterwhite Sawmill in Gunnison, Utah
Satterwhite Sawmill - Gunnison, Utah

Log Stacks
Log Stacks - Gunnison, Utah

Finished Satterwhite House Logs
Finished Satterwhite House Logs

Satterwhite Log Homes
911 E. Highway 89 N
Gunnison, Utah 84634

(888) 882-4645 toll free
(435) 528-5001 voice

Hours: Monday-Friday 8-5
Saturday 8-Noon
Closed Sundays & major holidays

It is 10:19 AM in Gunnison, Utah
Our offices are currently open.

For 35 years, Satterwhite Log Homes has been one of the nation's leading log home builders. For the past decade, Gunnison, Utah, has been home to Satterwhite's principal sawmill and manufacturing facilities.

High time we open a full scale log home sales office!

Opened Summer 2006, then more than doubled in size in 2008, the new Gunnison office showcases homes made from the natural resources of Utah. Because Satterwhite harvests only dead trees, a Satterwhite log home is the perfect choice for environmentally responsible homeowners.

We invite you to tour our facility and learn the story of dead standing timber. Satterwhite welcomes public inspection of lands where we have harvested timber, and is proud to have been selected on two separate occasions for Congressional tours of our activities on public lands.

Thousands of families across the United States and beyond have selected Satterwhite for their homes. Our products are tried and proven, delivering superb performance in virtually every climate. The unique properties of dead standing timber harvested in the arid Rocky Mountains means superior dryness and stability of house logs and vastly simplified log construction. The bottom line is compelling: beauty, quality, simplified construction, and affordability.

Satterwhite takes pride in responsible use of natural resources. Dead standing timber is harvested under strict supervision of the United States Forest Service. Nothing is wasted. Byproducts from the Satterwhite sawmill in Gunnison serve many purposes such as fence building, animal bedding, playground chips, and firewood.

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